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Maximum flexibility with minimum fuss, this is contracting at its easiest. Our Umbrella service has been built around what you need, so you get paid as fast as possible.

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No Worries Umbrella

Contracting through our award winning PAYE umbrella is the fastest route to contracting. The set-up is very quick, you have no accounting, tax, or IR35 concerns – you simply complete the work, create a timesheet, and get paid.

We run 100% in the cloud. You can join No Worries Umbrella in less than 10mins, and once we have your agency /end client details confirmed you will be able to start creating timesheets right away.

No Worries Umbrella is a UK registered company, and all our Umbrella workers are paid using our UK based payroll. Being accredited by the FCSA means we operate compliantly to the highest industry standards, giving an extra level of comfort and security to both our Umbrella workers and the agencies/end clients we work with.

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    Award winning

    Voted best specialist PAYE Umbrella service for 2020 by Acquisition International.

    Quick pay

    We run a payroll every day, meaning the day we get paid by your agency/client is also the day you get paid. Our Faster Payments service is standard so in most cases funds will clear into your personal bank account almost instantly.

    Real expertise

    We have been dealing with contractors since 2005 and our office is full of skilled, hard-working payroll, tax, and accounting experts.

    Hide nothing

    Our fixed fees are fully inclusive of contractor insurance, expense processing, and credit control. We have no minimum contract period, and there are no set-up or exit costs.

    Instant txt

    We’ll send you a text message as soon as we have paid you.


    You will be included in the No Worries Red Umbrella group insurance policy at no extra cost with: £10m of Employers Liability, £5 million of Public Liability, £5 million of Professional Indemnity.


    Our online system is open 24/7 for your timesheets, and expense claims. Nothing could be easier.


    Get set-up with us the same day, get yourself working, and get paid faster with our ‘no messing around’ policy.


    We are here to help, and love making our contractors happy. Thats why we’ll go the extra mile.

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      Flexible Pension scheme

      All new employees are automatically added to our company pension scheme, which is run by Smart Pension.  Once you are added you will be contacted by Smart Pension with details of how to access your online pension account. We offer a completely flexible Pension product, where you can control the percentage contribution that you make to your pension (subject to the statutory minimums), which provides a great opportunity to reduce your overall tax bill using a salary sacrifice arrangement.

      You can change you Pension contribution percentages whenever you like (even weekly) but the big saving comes with a salary sacrifice arrangement which is available to everyone. And of course if you are not interested in contributing to your pension, you simply need to opt out.

      See all the details of our pension scheme here.

      Cycle to work savings

      We have partnered with Green Commute Initiative to get our Umbrella workers out of cars and onto a bike with the dual purpose of improving both the individual’s health and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion from cars. You can choose from e-bikes, road or off-road bikes, folders or cargo bikes.  If it’s a bicycle under the Road Traffic Act, it qualifies! Overall this provides a saving of between 30-45% off the retail cost of the bike, and is achieved by arranging its purchase through us via a salary sacrifice arrangement.

      See all the details of our Cycle to Work scheme here.

      FCSA Member

      We are independently audited by top industry experts to demonstrate the highest standard of compliance. This stringent test of our business operations is a clear commercial differentiator from other umbrella companies.

      The FSCA is the UK’s leading membership body dedicated to raising standards and promoting supply chain compliance for the temporary labour market.


      We operate one simple package designed to fit your contracting life. The processing cost to use our Umbrella is called our margin, and this is deducted from your Timesheet income.

      Weekly paid employees: £20 per payslip

      Monthly paid employees: £80 per payslip


      Get set-up with your online portal where your recruitment agency/end client can finalise your assignment details, and for you to create your timesheets. We then convert your timesheet(s) to invoice(s) which gets sent across to your agency/end client awaiting payment. Once we receive the funds from them, we will then arrange a same day payroll payment to you.

      We will also chase along your recruitment agency/end client for your assignment details and schedule of works so we can get you up and running as soon as possible with no stress to you. If there are any problems with non-payment for any work performed, we will pursue your agency/end client for you. If there is a discrepancy with the payment received against the timesheet you raised, we will also follow this up on your behalf, and will ensure that this is resolved swiftly so as not to delay any payments to you.

      There are no additional fees, no hidden costs. It costs nothing to join (or leave) No Worries Umbrella.

      Have a question?

      Come in and see us, or give us a call. We would love to discuss what you’re after and how we can help!