About Us

Starting an Umbrella company

We established this company to push headlong into the PAYE Umbrella market. From 2005 we established a long history of providing a fantastic tax and accounting services to contractors though our ltd company accounting service No Worries. And we’re excited to extend our reach to contractors who work within the IR35 regime so they can also experience the service we’re known for.

No Worries Red Umbrella Ltd is a UK-based company that operates solely on UK soil. All payroll and company taxes are paid directly to the HMRC and we do not engage in any form of offshore activity or loan schemes. All our banking is conducted through UK bank accounts. When we established this business we wanted to be sure no corners were cut, or deals struck. The payslip income for our Umbrella employees is fully taxed in the UK and our payslips are 100% transparent with how the timesheet income for our Umbrella workers is distributed. We offer just two fully compliant salary sacrifice schemes for our Umbrella workers, via either Pension contributions, or the Cycle to Work scheme

Our payslips are fully transparent showing how the timesheet income for our Umbrella workers is distributed

No Worries Red Umbrella was started by Greg Hanton and Helen McMurtrie. They have both been involved in providing services to contractors since 2005, and have also established (and continue to own) the contractor accounting firms No Worries, Capital City Accountancy, and they also own and run the accountancy software company Simplifi.

For both Greg and Helen, all these businesses were established to challenge the status quo with a level of service and expertise that exceeds the standard industry benchmark.

The challenge of finding a good Umbrella firm is that you don’t know what to look for and there are so many options out there. We’re here to help. Our goal is simple, we want to be the first place you think about when it comes time to engage with an Umbrella company.

Our Strengths

We like to understand what our contractors want, and deliver a service that out-performs what they expect. We’re a small company, and this makes us nimble, responsive, and accommodating. We have a great bunch of employees who work hard to deliver this sort of service – and we take our clients feedback on-board so we can continually improve what we do and how we do it.

We have been running our contractor accounting firm, No Worries Company Services, since 2003 and so have a huge amount of industry knowledge regarding the day to day life of a contractor. And because of this experience we’re able to offer every client customised and professional advice on what they should expect to get out of a contracting career. 

And so we offer a broad package of services not only limited to helping with processing payroll, chasing your agencies for payment, getting you paid on time etc, but also we know what it’s like to be new to contracting so we can help you understand how agencies work, what you can expect. And if you’re new to the UK, we can help you get a bank account opened, and get a National Insurance number. Its these sorts of things that make the difference.