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We help freelancers from all types of industries who work either through a recruitment firm, or have an end client that requires them to use an Umbrella company.

When you join, you become an employee of No Worries Red Umbrella Limited, a UK registered company that is based in Esher. We comply with all UK tax rules and are accredited by the FCSA (the UK’s leading professional membership body for Umbrella firms).

All employees are provided with an online portal where they can keep their personal details up to date, create/view timesheets, and view historical payslips. The online portal is also our main communication tool that we also use to (a) collect ID and proof of address (b) create your employment contract (c) view/approve our company policies (d) submit new assignment information for upcoming work.

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Sample of the portal our employees sue
Payroll is a complicated process that can be tedious and time consuming for freelancers. That's why we're here to make it easier with our online portal and knowledgeable support team!

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    Key features at a glance

    Award winning

    Voted best specialist PAYE Umbrella service for 2020 by Acquisition International.

    Quick pay

    We run a payroll every day, meaning the day we get paid by your agency/client is also the day you get paid. Our Faster Payments service is standard so in most cases funds will clear into your personal bank account almost instantly.

    Real expertise

    We have been dealing with contractors since 2005 and our office is full of skilled, hard-working payroll, tax, and accounting experts.

    Hide nothing

    Our fixed fees are fully inclusive of contractor insurance, expense processing, and credit control. We have no minimum contract period, and there are no set-up or exit costs.

    Instant txt

    We’ll send you a text message as soon as we have paid you.


    You will be included in the No Worries Red Umbrella group insurance policy at no extra cost with: £10m of Employers Liability, £5 million of Public Liability, £5 million of Professional Indemnity.


    Our online system is open 24/7 for your timesheets, and expense claims. Nothing could be easier.


    Get set-up with us the same day, get yourself working, and get paid faster with our ‘no messing around’ policy.


    We are here to help, and love making our contractors happy. Thats why we’ll go the extra mile.

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      Timesheet rate

      Payroll settings

      Prices and Packages

      We operate one simple package designed to fit your contracting life.

      Ready to get started

      Getting started with us is simple. Just complete our online sign-up form, and we’ll take things from there. And of course if you have a few questions, give us a call first.

      Frequently asked questions

      How do I get started?

      The first step is to register on our website here. We will then need to collect some personal details (ID and proof of address), and your contract documents. Once signed and sent back to us you will be ready to go.

      Do I need to get insurance?

      No. As an employee of No Worries Red Umbrella you fall under our professional indemnity, employer’s liability and public liability insurance policy – see above.

      How about holiday pay. How does that work?

      You are entitled to 5.6 weeks holiday pay each year calculated on a pro rata basis to the number of weeks actually worked.

      Do I pay you if I stop working?

      No. Your fee is only payable if you are working. No work, no fee.

      Do you give me a payslip each week?


      Who pays my PAYE and NI taxes?

      As an employee of No Worries Red Umbrella we take care of paying all your taxes. So you know the money you get paid into your personal bank account is all yours – there are no other provisions you need to make for keeping money aside to pay tax.

      Is there a minimum tie in period?

      No, you can contract using No Worries Red Umbrella for as long or as short as you like. There are no entry fees, and no exit fees.

      How do I sign up?

      Signing up to our service couldn’t be easier. Complete our online form here, and we will get things rolling.

      Pension Contributions

      All new employees are automatically added to our company pension scheme, which is run by Smart Pension.  Once you are added you will be contacted by Smart Pension with details of how to access your online pension account. We offer a completely flexible Pension product, where you can control the percentage contribution that you make to your pension (subject to the statutory minimums), and provides a great opportunity to reduce your overall tax bill with salary sacrifice.

      How do expenses work?

      From 06 April 2016, if you are a Contractor working under Supervision, Direction, or Control (SDC), any travel/subsistence (T&S) expenses you incur in getting to work each day can no longer be claimed. The SDC test is very broad, and we think most Umbrella contractors would fail it. You can find HMRC guidance on the situation here. If you are not working under SDC, then any travel/subsistence expenses you incur can be reclaimed on your personal tax return at the end of each tax year, provided the HMRC accept them. As a business, we operate on the principle all our Umbrella workers operate under SDC, and so no T&S can be claimed.

      For any legimate Expenses you incur, please keep copy of the receipts and claim these Expenses in your personal tax return each year. Provided the HMRC accept your expenses, you will get a PAYE tax refund based on their total value. Note you will not get any NIC relief of the value on any expenses.

      Why is Employer’s NIC deducted from my payslip?

      In permanent employment, the employer is liable for the Employer’s National Insurance contribution (NIC). Through an Umbrella Company, it is no different and Employer’s NIC payments still need to be made on the salary you are paid by your Umbrella firm. The rate you are offered to work through an Umbrella Company should be adjusted to allow for this. It therefore needs to be taken into consideration when negotiating your pay rate with the agency / end client. You may be offered two different rates, one to be paid directly through the company’s payroll and another, higher rate, to have your pay processed through an Umbrella Company. The lower rate will apply if you opt to be paid directly by the company because they will be liable for the Employer’s NIC in addition to your salary. The higher rate is offered if you are being paid through an Umbrella Company because the income from your assignment must be used to fund the Umbrella’s Employer’s National Insurance contributions, as well as your salary.

      Cycle to work scheme with no £1,000 limit

      As one of our salary sacrifice offers, we have partnered with Green Commute Initiative to get our Umbrella workers out of cars and onto a bike with the dual purpose of improving both the individual’s health and wellbeing, as well as reducing the environmental impact of pollution and congestion from cars. You can choose from e-bikes, road or off-road bikes, folders or cargo bikes. If it’s a bicycle under the Road Traffic Act, it qualifies! Overall this provides a saving of between 30-45% over the retail cost of the bike, and I achieved by arranging its purchase through us via a salary sacrifice arrangement.