Umbrella Skim Detector

Skimming by Umbrella firms in the UK has become a hot topic in the past few months, as more Umbrella workers are finding deductions being made from their Timesheet income that they were not aware of.

As an Umbrella firm ourselves, we know how easy it would be to combine a handful of Timesheet income deductions into a single line item making it much harder for the Umbrella worker to check if the calculations on their Payslip is correct.

Fortunately we own and operate our own Umbrella software making it simple for us to integrate a “skim detector” into our website. Feel free to use it as much as you like, and let us know if you have any feedback. Our calculations are all laid out in plain English so if you do find that you are a victim of skimming, you can simply show your Umbrella firm our Skim Detector calculation results as evidence of foul play.

All you need to get started is your latest payslip from your Umbrella in front of you.


Add your payslip details

Add your payslip details here to see if your Umbrella company is taking a little more from your payslip than what they should do. The information you add here will usually come from the first part of your payslip where it shows Timesheet income, along with Administrative deductions such as Employers NI.

    Add here our total timesheet income for the period. For example, if you have a weekly payslip and worked 40hrs at £20 an hour, then you would put £800 here.

    If pension deductions are being made from your Timesheet income, then add the actual figure here. Note this will be shown as "Employers pension contributions" or something similar that is shown on the Timesheet income part of your payslip.

    This is the Umbrella margin which is the cost charged by the Umbrella for processing each payslip.